Right now, there is high pressure on our telephony. We ask our customers to primarily make their case online. Here you can register sickness and health notification, change and cancel the appointment or for questions contact us. Questions about COVID-19 are referred to www.1177.se

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Online services with web booking

NEW: After ordering these online services, you as a manager or your employee will receive a direct link for online booking.

Online health talk

Advice to employees who need to improve their well-being and recieve support in lifestyle issues. The talk take place online by video calls.

Online supportive talk

Guidance and relief to employees who experience stress, do not feel well or undergo a crisis. The talk take place online by video calls.

Counseling Rehab Online for Managers

Support for you as a manager in rehabilitation issues of rehab coordinators. Call support is done with online video calls.

Counselling Ergonomics Online

Here the employee receives advice on MSDs and ergonomics in the workplace from an ergonom / physiotherapist. The advice is done with online video calls.

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Health and Lifestyle

Rehabilitation and Support

Statutory Check- Up

Systematic Work Environment Management

Organisation and leadership

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Vaccination and Sampling

Pre employment

Crisis Support

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