Right now, there is high pressure on our telephony. We ask our customers to primarily make their case online. Here you can register sickness and health notification, change and cancel the appointment or for questions contact us. Questions about COVID-19 are referred to www.1177.se

Sickness and health notification

Here you can report online if you are ill, absent due to child care or if you have recovered. You can also get counselling or register by phone around the clock. A Swedish social security number is required for this service.



If you want to change an already registered errand call 0771-22 21 11. Available 24 hours a day.

Need help?

Below you can get support and answers to frequently asked questions about our online health and wellness registration service.

Call 0771-22 21 11 for 24/7 personal advice. (Some employers have agreed on their own registration number to be used.)