Training and inspiration

We offer courses and educations all over the country where you as a company can take part of our experts' knowledge about work environment, safety and stress management.

Dealing with anxiety related to finances

A free webinar on anxiety related to finances where we discuss how you can manage your worries about increased costs and what you can do to create a sense of control.

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Our trainings

Below you will find our trainings on health and work environment. The trainings are held by our experts, both online and on site. We also offer e-learnings that includes both movies and exercises that you can do when appropriate. To get access to our range of e-learning, you buy licenses for each course.

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Previa play

See our latest webinars again. Our experts address current issues and trends in the work environment, leadership and health in working life.

Business customisation

Our courses can be customised to your specific needs and conditions.

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