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For a sustainable working life and private life

Occupational health for all

Falck and Previa offer support, services and training for the entire organization and for individual employees. All so that you can easily create a sustainable work environment – whether you work on site or remotely. 

Report absence

Here you can make sick-, vab-, or health-report online. You can also get counselling by phone.

Cancel and reschedule

If you have an appointment that you want to reschedule or cancel, you can report it here.

Contact us

If you have questions about our services or need help, you can contact our customer service. 

Increase your knowledge of work environment

We offer webinars as well as online and on-site training throughout the country. Our experts can customize lectures in areas such as work environment, health, crisis support and stress management.

Our trainings and webinars

  • New e-learning about stress and stress management

    Falck Previa now offers new digital training on stress in working life, in which, among other things, participants can learn more about how stress works and how important recovery is.

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